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General Plumbing Services

At Neighborhood Plumbing, we have fully equipped vans and use the latest tools and equipment to handle all minor and major plumbing issues. We’ll provide you with a thorough assessment to determine the exact cause of the problem and advise you on the cost for replacement or repairs.



Blocked Drain Specialist

Our specialty is fixing and repairing blocked drains. As we go about our day, we often don’t realise the small things that contribute to excess build up and blockages in our bathroom and kitchen sinks, toilets and general sewerage areas.

To fix your blocked drains, our team will use CCTV cameras for visual observation and navigate those hard to reach areas to source the exact nature of the problem. This is seen via a media monitor.

High-pressure water jets are also used to thoroughly remove waste and ensure your drains are completely clean of dirt & debris.

Common reasons for blocked drains:

  • Paper towels & napkins
  • Cleaning wipes & baby wipes
  • Ladies’ sanitary items
  • Excess hair build up
  • Food scraps & waste
  • Cooking oil & grease



Toilet Repairs

Whether you have a leaking toilet, blocked toilet, damaged cistern or require a toilet replacement, Neighborhood Plumbing can fix it quickly and efficiently. Our expert team will provide you with ‘on the spot’ solutions to the get the job fixed as fast as possible. Don’t delay. Call the plumbing professionals today for a quick response.



Emergency Repairs

At Neighborhood Plumbing, we provide reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing throughout Melbourne. Unexpected issues happen all the time and we understand these things require immediate attention at short notice. Our goal is to create minimal disruption to your day and take the stress out of these emergency situations.  



Burst Pipes

Do you have tree roots growing into your plumbing system? Are your existing pipes cracked or starting to show signs of general wear and tear? No problem. We’ll come out and replace your old pipes and get your water leaks repaired in the best and quickest timeframe possible. Call the experts today.



Residential Renovations

Neighborhood Plumbing specialises in residential and commercial plumbing renovations in Melbourne. Whether you need comprehensive civil works completed (connecting of underground pipes throughout the property) or other forms of plumbing installation, we’ve got you covered.



General Maintenance

Even when little things go wrong such as leaking tap or toilet breakdowns, you need access to a plumber that is reliable, knowledgeable and efficient.

We can help you with running taps, toilet not filling up, burst hot water systems, cracked toilets, gas leaks in the house, overflowing drains and much more. We can fix it all. Let us help save you time and money.

Neighborhood Plumbing is a quick phone call away. Get in touch today on (03) 91915816 for immediate assistance.